Music of the Night

This show is like a glass of champagne--uplifting, fun and bubbly! Two artistic leaders talk about our latest collaboration with Dance Kaleidoscope, featuring 2013 Awards finalist Eric Zuber on piano.

More about the program:

The Dk dancers rehearse five days a week with regular hours in the studio. Each day beings with technique class, followed by hours of learning and perfecting performances. For Music of the Night, there was lots of choreography that was brand new to the newer dancers, so six weeks were devoted to learning all the steps and finding nuances.

Act One

  • Fascinatin' Rythm
  • Gershiwn Preludes
  • Clair de Lune
  • Gershwin Songs

Act Two

  • New piece by Cynthia Pratt
  • Sophisticated Ellington



Music of the Night runs October 25 through October 28 at Indianapolis Repertory Theatre. Tickets are available at Dance Kaleidoscope.




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