Introducing Peter Mraz

Join American Pianists Association President and CEO, Peter Mraz, for a chat about his background, training as a pianist and his favorite piece to play in part one of a series.

Among the highlights:

Peter grew up in Košice, a city in eastern Slovakia close to the Hungarian border and not far from the former Soviet Union. It is the second largest city in Slovakia and has a vibrant arts community. About his hometown, Peter states, "If you are interested in history and architecture, I have two small pieces of trivia for you: there is a gothic cathedral in town from the 15th century called the St Elisabeth Cathedral, and it is the easternmost gothic cathedral in Europe. And the second piece of information that I really find interesting is that Košice was the first settlement in Europe that was granted its own coat of arms.”

A piano student from the age of six, Peter competed in many competitions and feels this experience will help him relate to American Pianists Awards participants. And while he does not yet have a piano at home in Indianapolis, his "go-to" piece whenever he has access to play is Chopin’s Prelude No. 12 in G-sharp minor.

On why he was interested in joining the American Pianists Association: “I don’t think there is another job like this in the world!”

Welcome, Peter!

Peter will share thoughts on the upcoming season and beyond in part two of this interview—coming soon!



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